Can a picky eater overcome a lifelong aversion to "branching out"?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comfort Food

I want to make sure during this journey that it doesn't become a chore.  The point of this is to expand my horizons and broaden my tastes, not to lose my taste for food altogether.  Initially my vision was highly ambitious.  Try something new at least every day if not at every meal!  But I feel like that is overkill.  Sometimes you just want comfort food.  And familiar is comfortable.  So tonight I made one of my favorite meals.  Deviled Chicken Lollipops.  They are easy and juicy and spicy and delicious.  I found this recipe in October of last year.  It was on the Food Network's website as part of their Halloween ideas section.  It was the first chicken recipe I had made in years.  And it was amazing!  I forget to make it a lot because I am so used to not making chicken, but when I remember to make it I am always guaranteed a smile.

I usually add extra green onions to it, the exact amount depending on my mood at the time.  I love green onions. I love leeks. I love garlic. I love chives.  When I was younger there was a girl my age that lived near my grandma.  We used to drive her mom nuts because we would sit and play right next to her herb garden so that we could pick all of her chives and eat them.  So any recipe that calls for green onions or garlic or anything of that sort, I am generally adding in a little bit extra.

Beyond having an enjoyable comfort dinner, I also had another fun experience this evening!  I really enjoy DIY projects and the opportunity to make something on my own that I would normally have to pay someone else for.  It is generally money saving, usually healthier and gives me a sense of satisfaction that this was something I made on my own.  I was able to provide for myself rather than having to depend on someone else.  As I was browsing food websites the other day I found a recipe for Italian Sausage.  I love Italian Sausage.  I think it is delicious and it is a great way to add a little extra flavor to dishes.  So how cool is it that I can make it on my own now!!  I had a bit of trouble because I was making a half serving of the recipe and 1-The amounts in the recipe weren't easily halved and 2-I could barely find any measuring spoons!!  Our new kitchen is tiny and has very little storage.  My response to this is to make sure everything is really well organized and that there is no wasted space.  My husband's response is just to shove everything into one drawer.  So currently every kitchen utensil I own is shoved into one drawer.  Which explains why smaller things like measuring spoons are now impossible to find.  But I managed!  And I am so excited to try it out and figure out how to best refine the recipe to meet our tastes.

So that was my day today!  Low key and focused on the familiar and the comfortable.  It was just what I needed to end my weekend.


  1. Oh man! This is a time that I was HOPING for pictures. Oh well... Still thanks for sharing such an odd recipe. *smile*

  2. I actually have a couple of pictures, but I didn't end up uploading them before writing this and I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. But I can add the couple of pictures in later!