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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sugar Cravings

Whenever I open up to someone and begin to describe the true extent of my weird food issues, the one that always gets the biggest response is "I hate chocolate."  I generally don't eat much of anything dessert related.  I'm not big into sweets.  But even more than that, I have never liked chocolate.  If I do eat candy or dessert related substances, I tend to prefer sour/sweet things.  This came in handy when I was a kid as my mom is a huge chocoholic and would poach my brothers' candy all the time but would leave mine alone.  But today, I have a sugar craving.  A pretty intense one.  And what recipe should float into my life?  This one.  Brownie covered oreo cookies.  I don't even know what to say.  But I knew I had to try it.

The recipe is ludicrously easy.  Mix up some brownie mix, slather some oreos in it, drop them into muffin tins and bake them!  Couldn't be more simple!!  Or messier!  I took the advice of this blogger and used double stuff oreos.  My husband ate the "raw" version and pronounced it delicious, but I remained skeptical.  After all, he is a sugar junkie.  As long as it is sweet, he is on board.  They are currently cooling on a rack on the counter.  As soon as they cool, I will try them out and be back to let you know what I think!

Okay I'm back.  And let me tell you, these are dangerous.  The oreo cookie kind of melts into the brownie leaving the sweet white oreo filling surrounded by cakey, fudgey chocolate deliciousness.   It is a really great mix of flavors and a really great texture.  And sweet.  Oh dear lord is that sweet!  I've had one and I feel like the inside of my mouth is coated in sticky sugar.  I am so not used to sweets that it is a generally unpleasant sensation.  And yet....I want another one....Even the chocolate doesn't phase me!  It makes me feel slightly dehydrated, but that is what juice is for, right?  So I am signing off.  Send me your willpower.  I may need it if I am going to stay away from these brownie/cookies for the rest of the night!

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  1. Alisa also wasn't much of a lover of sweets. She was the only child I ever knew whose trick-or-treat candy was still sitting around in her drawer the following year! Strangely though she would buy candy and in fact she had a 'candy drawer' that contained any 'fun' candy she would find. Things like candy legos, and the spinning flashing lollipops and the like. It wasn't that she never ate candy, because she did. She just didn't eat it very often.