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Sunday, June 26, 2011

When is Guacamole Not Guacamole?

So guacamole is full of things that I do not enjoy.  I don't like the color. I don't like avacados in general.  I don't like the texture.  And I am not a big fan of dips in general, with salsa being one of the few exceptions.  Even then, I am really picky.

Awhile ago, we were at someone's house and they brought out guacamole.  They were very proud of this guacamole.  They were a tiny bit pushy about the guacamole.  And they seemed somewhat offended when I said I didn't like guacamole.  It was....uncomfortable.  So after staring it down for awhile, I went for it.

Sort of.  I took the smallest amount possible that could still make it appear as though I were trying it.

I tasted it.  And then realized that I was being a giant sissy and that I couldn't validly consider that tiny amount as "trying it".

So I tried again.

And....other than the avocado, I really liked it.  And I liked it enough that the avocado wasn't that big of a deal.  It was like a creamy version of salsa.

I put off writing this post for awhile because, while I enjoyed the guacamole, I think I could do better if I made it at home.  I was going to wait until I tried it out myself before I wrote about it, but I haven't had the chance to do that yet and I wanted to write something up for the blog.  If I made the guacamole, I would definitely want more...stuff in it.  I would like it to be spicier.  However, not being a gaucamole connoisseur I am not entirely certain that if I did everything I wanted to the guacamole, this it would still be considered guacamole anymore rather than just salsa with some avocado in it.

So I must ask readers, do you have a good guacamole recipe?  At what point does guacamole stop being guacamole and instead becomes some other type of chip dip?  How many times do I have to type guacamole in this post before I spell it correctly the first time?  These are the type of questions that keep me up at night....

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  1. LOL! I hope you find the answers to these burning questions... especially the spelling issue. *smile*